All projects start with our renovation questionnaires. Once we receive their information, we send a follow up list of questions to better clarify the details about the project. When we consider a potential project, the three most important topics that need to be discussed are budget, design and timeline. Once we understand your exceptions for the project, we can build a renovation plan that details everything right down to the smallest element.   


We understand it can be difficult to discuss budget up front. So after we gather some information about your project, we will provide you with a cost range that we expect your project will fall within. Typically we can turn around rough pricing within 24 hours. If our estimated cost range falls within your budget, we will be able to move to the next step.


The design is the most crucial part to get right. A good design will give you a the perfect balance of beauty, value and functionality. We will guide you through the entire process with assistance from designers and architects as needed. A well designed space should not only look good, but also make your life easier. We take great care to lay out every part of the project to fit your lifestyle and needs.


Once the design is settled, we can develop both a timeline and scope of work. When dealing with larger projects, we will book months in advance to provide adequate time fore planning. By following our design we are able to follow our agreed upon timeline and give you a finish date before we start the project.